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Balneário Camboriú Convention e Visitors Bureau


What is it?

The Camboriú Convention & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit association formed by private initiative, which aims to boost the development of business tourism and events in the city and region.

What do we do?

Support for capturing events, promote Camboriú as a tourist destination for events and business, strengthening the local economy, promote and support the qualification of the workforce, foster business of members and work for the association from all sectors of the local economy.

BCCVB’s goal:

Promote and consolidate Balneário Camboriú as an ideal destination for events, business and leisure travelers with professionalism, supporting tourism in the city all year-round.

BCCVB’s mission:

Support and consolidate the retain new events and promote Balneário Camboriú as a touristic destination all year round, as well as representing and empowering local commerce with excellence.

BCCVB’s view:

To establish itself as the main part of Balneário Camboriú’s consolidation process as a touristic destination all year by 2020.

BCCVB’s values:

  • Ethic
  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Associations
  • Valuate business activities
  • Excellence in Management and service quality

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