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How to join?

The BC Convention & Visitors Bureau while developing assignments ended up impacting directly or indirectly, in a number of activities. There are companies included in a universe of activities that help develop the base of the productive chain of tourism. So if the city’s economy is doing well, it is easier for you to succeed in your enterprise, but we must be together and never alone. So check what are the benefits that your company will have being part of the Convention Bureau:

Entering the Event Planner’s Guide and Travel
The Events and Travel Planner’s Guide is a technical content material to retain new associations and business events, specifically used for negotiations with promoters and event organizers.

Convention report
Printed information with breaking news about the CVB and market,  new members and relevant information about the actions of the BC C & VB. In this all the members are inserted in list format, with company name and website. It is distributed to all members, top leaders of local and regional commerce.

Weekly electronic newsletter with relevant news about the actions of the BC C & VB and the market.

Promotion between members
Email marketing sending to the organization’s mailing and post on the Facebook page of BC Convention.

Convention meeting
The convention meeting is the monthly meeting of the BC Convention Bureau with its members. It aims to lead informal meetings with fast guidelines, but for the interest of all, and promote the integration of new members and networking with others.

Disclosure of your company / services
Your company will have space for entering name, contact, description and logo in BCC & VB’s website at the link Associates.

Projects support
Institutional support for projects, to improve the tourism infrastructure of the city, and increase event tourism.

Opportunity to participate in a network relationships (networking), formed by local business, government and professional associates, increasing the contact range and facilitating partnerships.

Participation in the printed materials of the BC Convention Bureau, which are distributed at trade shows, all events supported by the Convention as well as other actions.

The indication as a company / service provider, recommended by the BC Convention, to the contacts and partnerships done by promoters, and event organizers.

Events calendar
Receive with priority the event calendar developed by the BC Convention, with inside information of all members.

Technical visits
Organization of logistics and monitor inspection visits in events, according to customer needs involving various associated segments.

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