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Neighboring Cities
Blumenau - Foto: Divulgação Santur

BLUMENAU: The Oktoberfest city.

It is known throughout Brazil as one of the cities with the greatest influence on German culture and history. The city stands out for Oktoberfest, and is an excellent place to buy products such as crystals and textiles.

Distance 59 km

Bombinhas - Foto: Divulgação Santur

BOMBINHAS: The Capital of the Ecological Diving

It is the only peninsula in the south of the country. Gifted with its lush natural beauty, is bathed by crystal clear waters and consists of thirty-nine beaches with features ranging from bays with calm waters, beaches with rough seas, and other deserted.

Distance 34 km

Brusque - Foto: Divulgação Santur

BRUSQUE: The Shopping Tourism capital in Santa Catarina.

It is a major tourist destination for its great potential in clothing and textiles shopping, prompt delivery, with great variety and quality and low prices.

Distance 44 km

Camboriu - Foto: Divulgação Prefeitura de Camboriú

CAMBORIÚ: The charm of Rural Tourism

It stands out for being a destination with bucolic landscapes where green dominates and contrasts with blue sky, with the backdrop of mountain ranges. Cottages, waterfalls, natural places, trails, rivers, waterfalls, among other ecological beauty making up an atmosphere of serenity, peace and harmony

Florianópolis - Foto: Divulgação Santur

FLORIANÓPOLIS: The Capital of Santa Catarina

Known as the Magic Island, the State Capital stands out with its postcard: the Hercílio Bridge Light also there is the beautiful and bustling Lagoa da Conceição, the calm Lagoa do Peri, the traditional Historical Center and more 100 beaches scattered around the island.

Distance 80 km

Ilhota - Foto: Divulgação Santur

ILHOTA: The capital of Santa Catarina Intimate Fashion and Swimwear

Great intimate apparel products, beach and fitness are found in numerous stores located along the main highway. There are also shops with crafts in rustic furniture made from demolition wood.

Itajaí - Foto: Divulgação Santur

ITAJAÍ: City with the 2nd highest Economy in Santa Catarina

It is highlighted by economic sectors such as logistics, industrial activities and the port complex which is the second largest in the country in container handling. Itajaí is constantly growing, especially with new expanding markets such as oil, gas and marine. It is also a destination of historical, cultural and traditional abundance.

Distance 10 km

Joinville - Foto: Divulgação Agência Espetaculum

JOINVILLE: The largest city in Santa Catarina

The economy is based on industry, which transformed the city into one of the most consistent manufacturing facilities in Brazil. The city hosts the only Bolshoi Theater School outside Russia and is internationally recognized for conducting the Dance Festival.

Nova Trento - Santuário Santa Paulina - Foto: Divulgação Santur

NOVA TRENTO: The capital Religious Tourism in Santa Catarina

Reference on Religious Tourism in Santa Catarina and Brazil, the city unites the power of faith with the Italian culture with attractions and natural beauty. It has two religious shrines: Santa Paulina, known worldwide, and Nossa Senhora do Bom Socorro, in addition to more than 30 churches and chapels.

Penha - Beto Carrero World - Foto: Divulgação Santur

PENHA: The city of Beto Carrero World Park

The city of Penha is the ideal setting for leisure, fun and relaxation. Has the largest multi-theme park in Latin America – the Beto Carrero World, a magic world of entertainment.

Distance 36 km

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