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Why BC

Tourist Attractions

In Balneário Camboriú are offered many leisure activities for tourists, like boating, the Bondindinho a different that goes through the main avenues of the city , the cable cars in Unipraias Park, which is the only one that connects two beaches in the world, the Cristo Luz, among others. For those who prefer to venture on ground, Interpraias highway is a great itinerary to know the natural beauties of Balneário Camboriú. The road is considered one of the most beautiful of Santa Catarina, and connects the beaches of Laranjeiras, Taquarinhas, Taquaras , Pinho , Estaleiro and Estaleirinho . It also has the zoo in the park of Santur which has several species of animals.


The city stands out too for its diverse cuisine, ideal for all tastes. There are more than 600 fixed establishments, including bars restaurants and snack bars. One of the specialties of Santa Catarina coast is mainly seafood, but you can still find different restaurants with Mexican cuisine, Italian, Japanese, Australian, Spanish, among others.

The Food Festival held in the city called Tasty Balnéario is another successful tourist attraction in the region . Contemplating dozens of establishments, the event is one of the main options to move the tourism during the winter season and always happen in July, the anniversary month of the city. The city also has the only Gastronomy five-star Brazil school, offered by the University of Vale do Itajaí – Univali.


Camboriú has one of the largest hotel parks in south Brazil: over 18 thousand beds. More than 100 lodging facilities for all tourists profiles, from small and charming inns, hotels, to the luxury resorts. Despite the strong influence of family owners’ hotels the city also has national and international brand hotels. Fully equipped and qualified, the hotels have excellent infrastructure for leisure, events and business.


It can be said that the heart of one of Brazil’s best-loved Balneary is Avenue Brazil. For its entire length it is found the most democratic commerce in the south of the country, in which coexists and shares space with international and national popular brands. In addition to this shopping street, Balneario has two malls with a variety of entertainment for all ages.

The camelódromo is another important stopping point, more than 300 stores offering a wide variety of items. The extended hours, including Sunday and most national holidays, is a differential together with the quality of products and infrastructure.

Night Life

With several bars scattered around facing the sea and different styles of nightclubs, Camboriú stands out on the national scene as one of the places with the best and most lively nightlife. In recent years a number of options were appearing and the city has reinvented itself with a consistent footprint when it comes to pubs, clubs and ballads.

The current emphasis is on the clubs specialized in electronic music, rock and country music. It is also worth noting that the city has several LGBT clubs and also different places focused on the elderly, in addition to the unique erotic bar of Santa Catarina.


Camboriú implemented the Armed Guard in the city and it has been as a model to the country. The initiative has helped to give more security to residents and tourists, and reduce the crime. To enhance public safety in the city, are motivated several actions between Municipal Guard, Traffic Agents, Military Civil and Federal Police, Highway Patrol, and the Fire Department.

Health and wellness

The health structure of the city has private and public hospitals, municipal clinics and treatments, community mental health services, basic health units and others; are ready to attend the full year, while maintaining the quality of life of residents and tourists.

For walking and jogging lovers the side walk by the beach is an invitation to practice many activities. It is also possible to rent bikes and visit the whole border of the balneary on a delightful tour. The city also has about 20 outdoor gyms to exercise.


The construction of the Municipal Theater, located in Plaza Bruno Nitz , downtown , was a landmark and values the artistic community of the city. The space also houses the new headquarters of the Cultural Foundation and the Art Gallery, which increased the space for visual arts and every month supports exhibitions from different artists.

The Craft Village, located in the Plaza of the Culture, better known as the Plaza of the Bible, is a good place to visit. The Plaza includes commerce with 33 stores selling all kinds of crafts.

For those who like to know the history of the cities a good tip is the neighborhood of Barra. Where Balneário Camboriú and Camboriú were colonized first, the neighborhood of Barra has its written history and reports from 1754. The small chapel of the district, listed by the Historical Heritage, is one of the oldest in Santa Catarina and was built by slaves in 1849 with whale oil and mortar.


For those who do not give up sports during their stay in the city, there is a variety of options to practice sports on the ground, water or air. In the full extent of the Central Beach, after 6pm, there are specific areas to practice aerobics, soccer, foot volleyball, volleyball, racquetball and even boules.

Surfing is also very practiced and the city is known for being the birthplace of several professional surfers. For extreme sports lovers, the city has great choices for adventurers. The Morro do Careca, located at Praia dos Amores, is the perfect place to the practice of free flight, also offers perfect conditions for other extreme sports like rock climbing and rappelling . The city also offers the first bicycle touring in Brazil to cover a coastal region.

Espaços para Eventos

A cidade conta com uma ampla estrutura com espaços modernos e equipados, prontos para receber seu evento. Acompanhando as tendências do turismo mundial, a cidade investe numa infraestrutura qualificada, possibilitando que os eventos aqui realizados sejam sempre um sucesso.

O parque hoteleiro, a gastronomia diversificada, as facilidades de acesso, os atrativos turísticos, o comércio, os serviços de atendimento e suporte técnico, a ótima mobilidade urbana, as estruturas de segurança e saúde são alguns dos motivos para você realizar seu evento em Balneário Camboriú.

Event Services

With great potential to host events of different sizes and industries, Camboriú has a vast menu of specialized services. Organizers, coffee and cocktail services, graphics, car rental companies, different breweries and more. With different options, each company has specific features to better meet the needs of each event.

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