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Balneário Camboriú’s Beaches

With a generous coast, the city of Balneario Camboriu has nine beaches to chosen by locals and tourists. The busiest is the Central Beach, because of its great location. With its nearly 7 km long, is the favorite place to meet friends, to have fun and hiking. In the evening, are many sports are held on the sand and the New Year’s Eve Show in Central Beach which is the largest event of the city.

Another very busy beach is Laranjeiras, because of its calm waters and the tourist infrastructure of bars, shops and restaurants. The beach is suitable for sea bathing the whole family, because it has small and calm waves. Access is through Interpraias, one of the most beautiful roads in the country, joining the beaches of Laranjeiras, Taquarinhas, Taquaras, Pinho, Estaleiro and Estaleirinho, providing a ride with beautiful scenery.

Further south, the Taquarinhas Beach is a haven of untouched beauty. Place of rough sea and coarse sand is a reserved beach. Besides, the Taquaras Beach is ideal for artisanal fisheries. Under his blue sea there is a rich marine life, making it the ideal place for scuba diving. Due to increased population living there, there are restaurants, churches and schools.

The Pinho Beach is the 1st official naturist beach in Brazil, recognized worldwide for its natural beauty, is located 9 km from the central beach of Balneario Camboriu. Hidden by hills and cliffs, the Pinho Beach is managed by an association that defends the naturist’s ideals, with a complete infrastructure for camping, food and leisure. The atmosphere is very familiar and has code of ethics.

With rugged features and coarse sand, Estaleiro Beach is the Europeans favorite place with high purchasing power, who have chosen to live with peace of mind that the place provides. Hidden among the slopes of the Atlantic Forest there is a sea of ​​crystal blue clear blue and big waves, as well as restaurants with the best cuisine of the region. Then there is the Estaleirinho beach, with white sands and crystal clear waters with excellent hotels and restaurants.

The First beach to the north form the Central Beach, there is Praia do Canto, it is also known as “Prainha”, due to its short length of only 50 meters. The only access is to the beach is on foot with gazebos, wooden decks and fixtures in all its extension. Located 3 km from the Central Beach, there is Buraco beach. With rough sea and the access is through the same walkway that makes access to the nearby Praia do Canto.

Praia Central - Foto: João Ricardo Scharf
Praia de Laranjeiras - Foto: Divulgação Sectur
Prainha - Foto: Divulgação Sectur
Praia de Taquarinhas - Foto: Divulgação Sectur
Praia do Pinho - Foto: Divulgação Sectur
Praia de Taquaras - Foto: Divulgação Sectur
Rodovia Interpraias - Praia do Estaleiro
Praia do Buraco - Foto: Divulgação Sectur

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